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Henrik Nielsen

Henrik Nielsen Chairman of the Board

Henrik Nielsen has previously served on the Company’s Board from April 2017 until October 2017. He holds a Master of Science degree in Marketing and Strategy from Copenhagen Business School. Henrik Nielsen has an exceptional drive to deliver results, with a proven track record of growing business and exceeding profitability in emerging markets and diverse organizational environments. He has a very strong analytical mindset, comprehensive strategic agility and leadership experience within all types of business areas including a very strong operational execution.

Current directorships/partnerships:

Hugo Games A/S (CEO), Hugo Games Development ApS (CEO), Ivanoff Interactive A/S (CEO), HNI TRADING ApS (chairman), NIL TECHNOLOGY ApS (chairman), Viborgvej 16-18, Silkeborg ApS (chairman), RED ApS (chairman), and Grenåvej 425 ApS (chairman).

Previous directorships/partnerships last 5 years:

5th Planet Games (board), Hugo Games A/S (board), International Power Systems A/S (board member), Unity Technologies ApS (CEO), Unity IPR ApS (CEO), AMAKITU ApS (chairman).