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COPENHAGEN, November 30th, 2018: In conjunction with the acquisition of the renowned Rocklin-based game studio “5th Planet Games,” the Extraordinary General Meeting at Hugo Games (OMX: HUGO) has unanimously decided that it will change the official name of the new and combined company to “5th Planet Games” (OMX: FIVEPG).

The decision was made at the Extraordinary General Meeting on November 20th, 2018, (see announcement 41) and the change of the company name will take effect as of today.

Among the reasons for the new company name is the Hugo Games name was based on the classic gaming and television character “Hugo the Troll” and while he still is used in games, the troll is just one of many characters and well-known IP’s (Intellectual Properties) that make up the company’s product portfolio.

Another important reason to change the company name is that 5th Planet Games is already a strong publisher brand in the most important market today, The United States. That represents an asset that should be utilized – especially right now, as the company is about to publish a series of highly anticipated games based on strong IP’s, Hugo Games CEO Henrik Nielsen explains.

“We are about to release a number of new games with great potential – and we have more in the pipeline,” says Henrik Nielsen. “It’s time that we leave our old image behind us and start branding the company in a way that represents what we are today – an ambitious international mobile game developer and publisher, who specializes in building new games on strong IP’s. We are on an exciting new journey and are ready to take the next big leap. Our name has to represent that.”

The company is presently developing several mobile games based on well-known IP’s – one being the official sequel to the legendary Doodle Jump, another being a game based on the television hit series Vikings, a third is a puzzle game build upon on “The Adventures of Tintin” comic book series.

The team at the recently acquired 5th Planet Games is currently developing the sequel to the successful community based game “Dawn of the Dragons.” The release of “Dawn of the Dragons 2” in Q2 2019 will create a positive “buzz” and the possibility of a spill-over effect regarding the other games in the company portfolio.

Furthermore, the company today is more than simply a Copenhagen-based game publisher. Today, the company has studios in Berlin, Rocklin, Leamington and Nottingham. The beloved Hugo the Troll character will still be a part of the company and its games. But it’s time that he leaves the spotlight – giving it to the names and IP’s that will characterize the new and merged company.

About Hugo Games / 5th Planet Games 

Hugo Games is a mobile games publisher and developer located in Copenhagen, Rocklin, Berlin, Nottingham and Leamington. We cooperate with premium sports brands as FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC and Paris St. Germain and Cristiano Ronaldo. We are proud to expand the world of the TV series Vikings – and are thrilled to produce sequels to the legendary games Doodle Jump and Dawn of the Dragons. For more information see or contact Hugo Games CEO Henrik Nielsen +45 27 200 200

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