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Hugo Games Announces “Hugo Troll Race 2” is Coming to Facebook Instant Messenger in 2018

COPENHAGEN, March 6th, 2018: Hugo Games A/S (OAX: HUGO) is pleased to announce that the company will launch the iconic and extremely popular game Hugo Troll Race 2 on Facebook Instant Messenger later this year. The Instant Messenger platform is used by approximately 1.4 billion people every month and gaming is becoming an increasingly popular activity on the platform.

Hugo Troll Race 2 will be the first game based on the Hugo IP to reach the platform and will be among the first series of IP based games to be featured on the Instant Messenger. The game will take advantage of the social aspect of Instant Messenger and allow gamers to interact and challenge each other to competitions.

The CEO of Hugo Games, Henrik Nielsen, believes that platforms such as Instant Messenger are becoming increasingly important for game producers. That’s why he is extremely pleased that Hugo Games is now embracing the Facebook Instant Messenger platform and using it to bring its games to a wider audience.

“We need to meet the gamers where they are and today that’s not only in the app stores,” says Henrik Nielsen. “Today our beloved character Hugo the Troll is featured in mobile games and in online casino slot games. The agreement with Facebook gives us a new platform where we reach even more fans. I’m also pleased to announce that Hugo Games plans to launch additional games on Instant Messenger later this year.”

Hugo Troll Race 2, an endless runner type game, is based on the Hugo the Troll character which the gaming company originally was built on. Even though Hugo Games has evolved and today is a game producer and publisher with many other games and characters in its portfolio, Hugo the Troll is still a core character with millions of fans worldwide.

The Hugo Troll Race 2 mobile game has already been downloaded more than 10 million times from the app stores. Messenger users will soon get the opportunity to play the game via the app and the core audience of the game is perfectly aligned with the key demographics of Facebook Instant Messenger – I.E. users over the age of 25. Hugo Troll Race 2 is expected to go live on Instant Messenger in Q4 2018.

Hugo Games has previously announced that Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick ‘N’ Run also will be coming to Facebook Instant Messenger later this year. The game is made in cooperation with the Portuguese soccer star and is an action-packed endless runner type game.

About Hugo Games

Hugo Games is a mobile games publisher and developer located in Copenhagen and Nottingham. At Hugo Games we are passionate about games. We are honoured to cooperate with premium sports brands as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Paris St. Germain, FC Porto, Liverpool FC and Juventus — as well as soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and skater icon Nyjah Huston. We are proud to expand the world of television series Vikings — and we are thrilled to produce the official sequel to the legendary Doodle Jump. For more information see or contact Hugo Games CEO Henrik Nielsen +45 27 200 200

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