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9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG

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Enlist a wide variety of unique and colorful cat heroes to save the world of cats in 9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG. Kitty City is in trouble and only you can lead cats to defeat the evildoers and protect the cats!

In this turn based RPG, you’ll have to use the cats’ unique abilities to defeat evildoers as they invade the city! Recruit more cats to join the cause and take on evil to protect Kitty City for years to come.

Bring a unique strategy into battle when you play 9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG!

9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG Features:


– Kitty City has all walks of life like heroic and villainous cats battling it out.
– In this world, you’ll have to fight the evildoers before they destroy the city and harm other cats!


– Battle evildoers in turn based RPG games that pack a punch!
– Put your team to the test in online games against other players.
– Pit your cats against your friends’ cats to test their mettle!


– Kitty City is a huge place that features a growing cast of unique cats to join you in the fight.
– Collect more heroes that feature unique abilities from sharp shooter skills to laser beams!
– Improve your skills and level up at the gym before heading on a mission.


– Unique abilities and a can-do attitude will only get your cats so far.
– Equip your cats with powerful items to protect and empower them to win the day!


– More cats are out there and they’re ready to fight!
– Join a league to fight alongside other heroes and chat about your next battle plan.

Collect more cats that are ready to protect Kitty City in action-packed battles in 9 Lives: A Tap Cats RPG! Keep the city safe by fighting in turn based games!

Download to start playing right meow!

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