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Caspar Rose

Caspar Rose Chairman of Board

Caspar Rose is professor at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Department of International Economics and Management. He specializes in corporate governance, stock markets, M&A’s as well as company law/securities regulation. He holds a master degree in law (cand.jur.) from University of Copenhagen as well as a master degree in finance and accountancy (cand.merc.) from Copenhagen Business School. He obtained his Ph.D. from Department of Finance at CBS. Caspar Rose has taught MBA classes for several years, but most of his current teaching is now at the CBS Board Executive Programme. Caspar Rose has also substantial practical experience form the private sector since he has worked in both Dansk Industri as legal advisor and in Danske Bank as chief analyst. He has also served as special free-lance consultant for several large and medium sized companies. He is member of the board in GF Storkøbenhavn (insurance company). Caspar Rose currently has leave of absence from CBS and start 1st January 2018 as Senior advisor by Magnusson, Advokatpartnerselskab.

Current directorships/partnerships:

Hugo Games A/S (vice-chairman), GF Storkøbenhavn (vice-chairman), GF Forsikring A/S (board), GF Medlemsskabet A/S (board), Crowdbanker A/S (board member).

Previous directorships/partnerships last 5 years:

Pallas Care ApS (chairman), Pallas International APS (chairman), Pallas Informatik Holding ApS (chairman), Allerød Stationsvej 2D ApS, HeyStock ApS, (board member)