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Doodle Jump – Space Chase

Doodle Jump returns!

Explore, upgrade and evolve in this fast-paced, story-driven, arcade adventure. Easy to play, difficult to master, rescue cute aliens in peril and grow your spaceship.

Jump into the amazing new Doodle Universe, brought to life in a visually stunning 3D world. Join the amazing Adventure of the Doodler in Doodle Jump Space Chase and jump, shoot, boost to find secrets, and rescue Aliens of distant Planets.

Collect and Evolve new outfits.

Explore hidden paths to reach new secret areas.

Rescue friendly characters in a story-driven adventure.

Upgrade your very own Spaceship!

Travel to alien planets and weird dimensions!

This brand-new 3D version of the Doodle Jump universe brings back fond memories of the original game that remains as one of the most beloved jumping games and arcade games ever made – widely regarded as one of the most popular and best mobile games of all time.

Endless Adventure and Fun awaits!


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