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Dawn of the Dragons: Ascension

Available now
Available now
Available now
Available now

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Prepare for a fully-fledged, dynamic, immersive RPG experience – the sequel to the iconic fantasy game, Dawn of the Dragons, is on its way. Embark on an adventurous journey to change the course of history and write your own legacy.

We won the last great war, but in the wake of all that bloodshed we could never know the dragons’ spilled blood was tainting the very world we strove to save.

Everything the dragon’s vile ichor touches is corrupted, forging a new breed of draconic foes infused with ancient and untold power.

The dragon’s decimated armies are rising once again and their draconic masters are elevating themselves to godhood.

The great Dragon War has returned to Tor’gyyl and none will be spared its fury. It’s time to prove what you’re made of and leave your mark on history.

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