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Jul 2 2012

New Game: Legacy of Heroes released!

5th Planet Games is proud to announce that our 4th game, Legacy of Heroes, has just been released exclusively on Kongregate platform!

Legacy of Heroes is a free, online, social collectible card game in which players take on the role of new students at a school for people with superhuman abilities. Which professors will you choose to study under? What kind of hero will you become? The choice is yours!

Some major features of the game:

- Construct a deck full of heroic allies and mighty superpowers!
- Choose what kind of superhero you become. Will you shape fire into weapons of mass destruction, or intimidate your foes from the shadows?
- Immerse yourself in a deep setting full of enthralling story arcs and sinister enemies, brought to life by professional comicbook artists.
- Team-up with your friends to defeat powerful villains — from a killer candy-man to the mysterious kingpin of the underworld!
- Challenge other players to ranked combat in three different forms of PvP.
- Take part in Drafts to win fantastic prizes.
- What’s a hero without a cool outfit? Select equipment to turn your character into a costumed avenger!
- Join a League to coordinate with other aspiring superheroes.
- Seek out powerful cards to bolster your deck!
- Level up to learn new skills and abilities to help you take down your foes.

Play now here . Visit our forums here