Our Team

5th Planet Games brings together talent from all over the world, in an effort to produce epic and fun experiences on mobile and browser based platforms. We've played games our entire lives, and we love being able to develop games that we ourselves would want to play. Meet the team!

Robert Winkler, CEO // aka Felendis
Rob co-founded 5th Planet Games as the beginning of Phases 3 and 4 in his plans of world domination. Phase 3 consists of teaching to populous survival and diplomacy training through Halo: Reach and Magic: The Gathering, both of which are mandatory to learn at the company. Phase 4 is leadership, negotiation and etiquette training through required viewings of educational films such as “Office Space”, “Tommy Boy”, “Spaceballs”, etc. Phase 5 is still ‘Coming Soon!’. He hopes to be more like Grune when he grows up.
Robert Winkler, CEO
aka Felendis
Michael Barnett // aka Ash
Mike was one of the first hires for 5th Planet, and has the longest tenure. He also has the longest streak of wearing a baseball hat, approaching five years. So, keeping our engineering team operating at full speed, dominating servers and tech stuff, or rocking an awesome hat, Mike is kind of a big deal!
Michael Barnett
aka Ash
Bernard Decrane // aka Mouse
Dwelling high within the mountains overlooking the 5th Planet Games Office lived a Dwarven clan with a lowly population, one such Dwarf resident was Bernard, who defended his clan from foes such as “Retail” and “Cable Customer Support Representative”, after defeating these opponents in deadly combat, (and wrangling some goats along the way) he descended from the mountains to make his new home within the dark recesses of the 5th Planet Games Office’ cave system, where he now digs for gems, answers the occasional community question and fends off the worshipers of Nurgle.
Bernard Decrane
aka Mouse
Jeff Yoon // aka Jeffy
After roaming the streets of LA for a few years with a sign on his neck that said, “I will draw and paint for food”, Jeff was picked up by the 5th Planet Games team. For some reason, they made him a lead artist/art director, and he is very thankful that he can now have warm meals and a cozy bed to sleep in.
Jeff Yoon
aka Jeffy
Lenzy Schneider // aka Schnzy
Schnzy has swapped careers a few times, starting with the US army, and then entering the world of graphic design. But it was a lifelong love of games that led him to 5pg where he now serves as a game designer putting his passions to use and making awesome games!
Lenzy Schneider
aka Schnzy
Ryan Harbert // aka RyanSMASH
In his teen years, Ryan resided in the Kingdom of Potatoes. A specialist in security of the land, he fended off wanderers and thieves. He was given a chance in demolitions, where he endured unending blasting from the enemy. He quickly grew to an expert in the field, surpassing all competition, but found his true passions pointed towards the mythical 5th Planet. After a long journey, he arrived and began an epic apprenticeship, learning tricks of the trade that residents of 5th Planet have mastered.
Ryan Harbert
aka RyanSMASH
Keith Wells // aka Flynn
Keith spent his formative years designing the palaces of emperors and intergalactic house scions before spending nearly a decade designing the soundscapes of holodecks across the galaxy. Later, perceiving the move of humanity’s data into the magellanic clouds of open space, another avenue was embarked upon to become a wrangler of this data and the transition to 5th Planet was made.
Now, his dreams of “All your data are belong to me” are beginning to crystalize, and soon the truth of that plight will be realized by others… Soon.
Keith Wells
aka Flynn
Eve Milan // aka Punch
Behold mortal: Eve. Mother (and destroyer) of worlds. Mistress of time (and death). Slayer of demons (and gods). Beautiful and terrifying, she walks among us. Some day soon, the quiet of normality will fade and she will again find herself striding the battlefield, dispatching our enemies with crushing blows from each of her mighty arms.
Eve Milan
aka Punch
Keith Dunng // aka Toymaker
The Toymaker awoke, arising in a vast expanse of stillness. The outlandish flora, fauna, and air all hung as if frozen in time. His mission? To restore movement to this world. After a few days and many iterations, his mission was nearly complete with the world moving in almost perfect unison. Only an ancient gateway remained unfinished. Upon breathing life into it, the gateway opened and began inhaling the world he had just completed. It sucked up the Toymaker, where he tumbled through a black nothingness until he lost conciousness.
The Toymaker awoke, arising in a vast expanse of stillness...
Keith Dunng
aka Toymaker
Brian Foulk // aka Kodiak
Kodiak burst into the offices of 5th Planet Games, and refused to budge when told he was not allowed to sleep there. Now he busies himself with working hard on bettering all 5th Planet-y things and perfecting bear puns.
Brian Foulk
aka Kodiak
Norris Eldridge // aka Helmsman
A man of few words, not much is known of Helmsman. Though it is common belief that he was raised in the dark depths of Majora' Mask's dungeons, surviving weeks on end on with nothing but meager rations of Chips Ahoy and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. While sightings of Helmsman are rare, he can sometimes be found scavenging for food in the 5PG breakroom.
Norris Eldridge
aka Helmsman
Megan Warmerdam // aka Gladiatrix
Everyone knows the arenas of West Kruna can be a terrifying and violent place. No one knows this more than a former master of coin, in the stands of the colosseum. Keeping track of wagers and fees dutifully amongst the crowd, she never expected to be bumped off of her post and into the arena itself.
After whittling down a few champions of the colosseum, the now Gladiatrix found herself in an exciting new line of work.
Megan Warmerdam
aka Gladiatrix
Miles Deponty // aka Tails
Having grown up with a controller in hand, Tails followed his passion for games, creating, helping, and bringing joy to others. After a few years stay at an Art Institute he was finally accepted as a trained scholar. There were plenty of orcs and goblins slayed in the process and using his knowledge and +15 charisma, he was able to persuade Felendis to let him join the 5PG ranks.
Miles Deponty
aka Tails
Aryn Lockhart // aka MysticMerc
MysticMerc has spent his years adventuring through an expansive amount of worlds. The last few years finding faults and holes in the very fabric of many of them notifying their creators of such flaws. Now while obtaining knowledge in the art of creation himself has found himself at the 5th Planet, creators of exciting and new worlds, to lend his expertise.
Aryn Lockhart
aka MysticMerc
David Newel // aka FileNotFound
Armed with a degree of Computer Science knowledge and years experience with arcane, modern languages of Java, Ruby, and C#, the lowly wanderer crawled along the scorched wastes created from his own typed word. Years before, he dug into the mad scrawlings of other programmers before at previous companies longstanding, sometimes delving into the ancient layers of “legacy code”. In that journey, he has seen Code-thulu several times with his own eyes and each time gone madder with the revelation… :FHTAGN
Now David works here at 5th Planet Games!
David Newel
aka FileNotFound

Hall of Fame

Advisors, Investors, Board Members

David Lease // aka Leviticus
He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German. Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear some tell it, anybody could have worked for him. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick Levi ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, poof. He’s gone. Also, he went to Cal State Monterey Bay and spent a near decade in software and web development … which was also his power… or something.
David Lease
aka Leviticus
Braden Moulton // aka Rungup
Braden is 5th Planet Games’ aspiring wizard, teleporting around the universe. He is constantly looking for targets to cast “Greater Market Expansion” or “Increased Product Velocity” on. When not casting spells, he can be seen walking around the office mumbling strange, ancient, and possibly make-believe words like analysis, growth, and differentiation. He was mentored in a secret order at Washington State University and Pepperdine.
Braden Moulton
aka Rungup
Brian David-Marshall // aka BDM
Brian has the super power to make drafts happen which makes sense since he has been working in comics and games for his entire “adult” life. He is currently applying for a patent for tweed card sleeves with leather patches for the older married gamer.
Brian David-Marshall
aka BDM
Matt Wang // aka The Wangetaur
Wang has worn many hats and smashed many things. Wang enjoys defending towers, magical cards, books of the comical nature and traveling to places to smash things. Wang’s superpower is networking.
Matt Wang
aka The Wangetaur
Jennie Martinez // aka Chandrella
Spawned from the darkness of public accounting, Jennie’s skills with numbers mesmerize those she encounters. As the keeper of 5PG’s wealth, she has revealed great strength and control of both money and those who care to use it. Jennie has been known to shout “monetization!” and “forecasting!” while in her dungeon conjuring spells of business wisdom. Jennie is a member of a large and powerful coven known to practice intense sorcery around the globe. In some realms the members of this coven call themselves CPAs.
Jennie Martinez, CFO
aka Chandrella
Brian Bullard // aka Bullardo
After his brief stint at a bowling alley in the early 80′s Bullardo would not suffer the same fate as the dude, so he ventured into computer engineering and gaming where he thrived as he tried to dig deeper into the singularity as not to be destroyed by the same machines in which he helps create.
Brian Bullard
aka Bullardo