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Nov 28 2013


“When a person has a passion for gaming and the motivation to do something with that passion, great things happen. Such is the case with 5th Planet Games.” In this Stuio Spotlight Gamesauce’s Clelia Rivera takes a deeper look into how 5th Planet Games Builds Games with Passion More…

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Nov 11 2013

Gamasutra: Monetizing Community in Free-to-Play Core Games

Gamasutra blog article written by our very own Robert Winkler, 5th Planet Games CEO and resident game design guru about the reasons to focus on community building. “What makes games so fun is that they take us on a joyride through every sensation in the emotional spectrum known to man, from grief and frustration to [...]

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Aug 2 2013

USA Today

Facebook leaps into Game publishing. “The company said it plans to take a role beyond its position of games platform to that of promoter and publisher. Facebook’s new pilot program, dubbed Mobile Games Publishing, will allow it to promote small- and medium-sized games and take a cut in the sales in return. Facebook also announced [...]

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Jul 31 2013


Daniel Tack from Forbes had a chance to chat with our very own Rob Winkler, CEO of 5th Planet Games (Dawn of the Dragons), as he took a few moments away from the busy atmosphere of the Casual Connect conference to discuss mobile strategies and partnerships. Read the entire article at Forbes

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May 23 2013

The Battle Continues! 5th Planet Games’ Dawn of the Dragons Turns Three

Special events, promotions and new content released for “Dawnniversary” of popular social MMO RPG Roseville, CA – May 23, 2013 – It’s been three years since 5th Planet Games, a leading developer of core, free-to-play games, launched Dawn of the Dragons, and yet the battle rages on in West Kruna. To mark the third anniversary [...]

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Feb 11 2013

Dawn of the Dragons Coming to iOS

Daniel Tack at Forbes takes an in depth look at 5th Planet Games first mobile game, Dawn of the Dragons, poised to hit the Apple Store this month. “It’s refreshing to see that much of the allure of the modern MMORPG has been captured in mobile form with Dawn of the Dragons.”, writes Tack. Read [...]

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Dec 3 2012

Rob Carroll Joins our Team

Mike Thompson of Inside Social Games shares the news of Rob Carroll joining the 5th Planet Games Team as Chief Mobile Officer. “Carroll is an established video game industry veteran, coming to 5th Planet most recently from Tapjoy, where he was Director of Publishing. During his time at Tapjoy, Carroll was in charge of the [...]

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