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About 5th Planet Games

5th Planet Games brings together talent from all over the world, in an effort to produce fun and addictive, immersive, engaging social games (MMO, RPG, CCGs and more) for both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts alike. All of us have grown up playing videogames, and love having the opportunity to present our own titles to other gamers.


Robert Winkler, CEOFelendis Scrapper

Rob co-founded 5th Planet Games as the beginning of Phases 3 and 4 in his plans of world domination. Phase 3 consists of teaching to populous survival and diplomacy training through Halo: Reach and Magic: The Gathering, both of which are mandatory to learn at the company. Phase 4 is leadership, negotiation and etiquette training through required viewings of educational films such as “Office Space”, “Tommy Boy”, “Spaceballs”, etc. Phase 5 is still ‘Coming Soon!’.

He hopes to be more like Grune when he grows up.

DavidNinja (3)

David Lease, CTO & Master of ProductionLeviticus Master Blaster

He is supposed to be Turkish. Some say his father was German. Nobody believed he was real. Nobody ever saw him or knew anybody that ever worked directly for him, but to hear some tell it, anybody could have worked for him. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick Levi ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. And like that, poof. He’s gone.

Also, he went to Cal State Monterey Bay and spent a near decade in software and web development … which was also his power… or something.

Braden_Knight (3)

Braden Moulton, President & COORungup Interstellar Hero

Braden is 5th Planet Games’ aspiring wizard, teleporting around the universe. He is constantly looking for targets to cast “Greater Market Expansion” or “Increased Product Velocity” on. When not casting spells, he can be seen walking around the office mumbling strange, ancient, and possibly make-believe words like analysis, growth, and differentiation.

He was mentored in a secret order at Washington State University and Pepperdine.

Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-MarshallBDM Master of Mayhem

Brian has the super power to make drafts happen which makes sense since he has been working in comics and games for his entire “adult” life. He is currently applying for a patent for tweed card sleeves with leather patches for the older married gamer

Jeff Yoon

Jeff YoonJeffy Gladiator

After roaming the streets of LA for a few years with a sign on his neck that said, “I will draw and paint for food”, Jeff was picked up by the 5th Planet Games team. For some reason, they made him a lead artist/art director, and he is very thankful that he can now have warm meals and a cozy bed to sleep in.

Ibrahim S. Amin

Ibrahim S. AminCleomedes Veteran of a Myriad Massacres

Ibrahim Amin studied Classics & Ancient History at the University of Newcastle and the University of Manchester, earning a PhD for his thesis on the history of grappling in the western world (spoiler: everyone did it).

Alas, his lecturing career was forestalled when a cabal of vampires, werewolves, and other malefactors used their shadowy influence to have him blacklisted – outraged that he advocated their destruction in his “Monster Hunter’s Handbook”. Thus he now bides his time working at 5th Planet Games, until the day when he may bring about a brutal and terrible vengeance.

Lena Gkika

Lena GkikaQueen Lena Master Gladiator

After completing her Computer Science studies, Lena used to spend her time just being awesome, until one day a strange Ogre offered to make her the Queen of 5th Planet. Ever since, she rules the community and divides her free time between plotting to get her hands on the precious List of Priorities and acquiring minions to do her bidding.

Aaron Doyle

Aaron DoyleBattle Brak Gladiator

Raised on 80s toons, toys, and Atari, a young Aaron longed to become powerful in the visual arts. He wandered the wastelands of geekdom for years doing odd jobs and occassionally resurrecting prehistoric creatures before chancing upon the 5th Planet.  There he was sent on a myriad of quests, each more involved then the last.

After acquiring an assortment of mystical gemstones, finding a few keys, and slaying the obligatory dragon, he was granted the arcane powers of Senior Artist.

Michael Barnett

Michael BarnettAsh Dead Shot

This space for rent.

Brian Bullard

Brian BullardBullardo Master Blaster

After his brief stint at a bowling alley in the early 80′s Bullardo would not suffer the same fate as the dude, so he ventured into computer engineering and gaming where he thrived as he tried to dig deeper into the singularity as not to be destroyed by the same machines in which he helps create.

Jace Stark

Jace StarkThe Mind Sculptor Master Blaster

After spending many years as an artist, Jace’s drawings slowely started coming out as code and eventually the conversion to a programmer was complete. Now Jace by day stares at thousands of lines of code, and by night pwns n00bz.

michelle (3)

Michelle KhuuBlades Intergalactic Assassin

Crafting +10
Destruction +2
Using glue and a slab of cardboard, Blades is known to craft the mightiest of weapons and armor for only the greatest of warriors. She’s been known to take on apprentices, but only one at a time and only once every millennia. This is what she had to say about her most recent apprentice: “He has some potential but something has to be done about the name. MacGyver doesn’t roll off the tongue, ya know?”

Special Abilities
“Hidden Blade” – Ensures the silent demise of an unsuspecting bearded foe.
“Superior Crafting” – The ability to craft weapons and armor in an instant.
“The Krav” – The ability to remove a victims spleen with a single kick.

sean (4)

Sean DiamondDouble-D Dead Shot

Skills: Quick Thinking +5
Sean came from a web development background and brought new talent to the 5th planet team.
Much of his time is spent taking it easy on Felendis in Halo, as to not offend him.

Special Ability: “Hotpocket Rally”
Sean is able to consume a hotpocket while continuously coding. This is due to growing up with 9 brothers and sisters scrounging for food which developed his ability to eat extremely fast. Hotpocket Rally increases code output by 10%.

Bernard J DeCrane

Bernard J DeCraneMouse Master of the Bloody Sand

Dwelling high within the mountains overlooking the 5th Planet Games Office lived a Dwarven clan with a lowly population, one such Dwarf resident was Bernard, who defended his clan from foes such as “Retail” and “Cable Customer Support Representative”, after defeating these opponents in deadly combat, (and wrangling some goats along the way) he descended from the mountains to make his new home within the dark recesses of the 5th Planet Games Office’ cave system, where he now digs for gems, answers the occasional community question and fends off the worshipers of Nurgle.

Ryan Harbert

Ryan HarbertMr.Fantastic Scrapper

In his teen years, Ryan resided in the Kingdom of Potatoes. A specialist in security of the land, he fended off wanderers and thieves. He was given a chance in demolitions, where he endured unending blasting from the enemy. He quickly grew to an expert in the field, surpassing all competition, but found his true passions pointed towards the mythical 5th Planet. After a long journey, he arrived and began an epic apprenticeship, learning tricks of the trade that residents of 5th Planet have mastered.

Matt Wang

Matt WangThe Wangetaur Veteran of a Myriad Massacres

Wang has worn many hats and smashed many things. Wang enjoys defending towers, magical cards, books of the comical nature and traveling to places to smash things.

Wang’s superpower is networking.

Lenzy Schneider

Lenzy SchneiderSchnzy Veteran Gladiator

Out of the shadows emerges an unlikely hero. Once trained in the arts of stealth and careful observation by a top secret military organization (aka U.S. Army). Lenzy has traded in his daggers and scopes for mouse and monitor and now dedicates his talents to the world of graphic design. He now applies his tactical and technical knowledge to creatSHINY OBJECT!… and he’s gone.

brad (3)

Brad BowenB-Rad Assassin

Brad Bowen! Strange visitor from another planet, with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men! More handsome than the Brawny Guy, he can change the info on a spreadsheet with a keystroke and is able to split his attention between motorcross and family time!

Disguised as the mild-mannered head of finance for a great social game developer, Bowen fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and a balanced ledger!

Zeus Mendoza

Zeus MendozaAtreyu Master of the Colosseum

With a name like Zeus, no team would ever miss an opportunity to have a deity amongst their ranks! Having a degree in creative writing on one hand, and a totally righteous lightning fist on the other, Zeus spends his days thundering through the 5th Planet Games office on a gargantuan floating cloud, while radiating a constant, brilliant aura of magnificence.


Marc TaylorDarque Flux Intergalactic Assassin

Crashing from the sky one day, Marc had a cozy landing on a demon who was going to try to take over the world. He went to school for Game and Simulation Programming, with a motive to never be said. After the arduous journey though the pre-apocolyptic wasteland that was college, he stumbled around aimlessly until he found 5th Planet. Now, this is where he exacts his master plan.


Jea Hwang ShimJay Ripper

He is a descendant of the wanderers of the far east empire of ancient times past. After he received his BFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University in California, he began the life of a wanderer like his ancestors.
He has experienced the world in the form of soldier, trader, art instructor and so on. Due to the change of the era, after his wanderlust, he finally joined the 5PG team. His ability is directing his force to the right arm, to draw and paint a picture quickly and powerfully.

b_scheel (3)

Brandon ScheelThe Real Deal Battle Mage

The first words out of his mouth were “Good Game”. He learned how to read from a game manual. After traveling the world competing for souls, he decided to put his skills to use forging powerful decks and cards for other mages. He is… the real deal.

brett (3)

Brett ButlerZeros Dangerous

Not many are sure on how Zeros started working for 5th Planet Games. Most of the employees at 5PG have heard of him on the forums and some even conversed with him on occasion. One ominous day however he just appeared at the office telling people what they did wrong or what they broke, sending them back to fix it. People just assumed it was intended and considered the matter resolved.


Keith WellsFlynn Dangerous

Keith spent his formative years designing the palaces of emperors and intergalactic house scions before spending nearly a decade designing the soundscapes of holodecks across the galaxy. Later, perceiving the move of humanity’s data into the magellanic clouds of open space, another avenue was embarked upon to become a wrangler of this data and the transition to 5th Planet was made.
Now with 5th Planet, his dreams of “All your data are belong to me” are beginning to crystalize, and soon the truth of that plight will be realized by others… Soon.

Rayf (4)

Ray FarrarLogann Survivor of the bloody sands

Forged in the belly of a mighty water beast, first known to his people as “Submariner”, Ray has traveled the world in search of the mythical island of Avalon. After almost a decade of questing as “Submariner” he went on to learn how to craft magic Intel chip relics for all the land. Mastering his craft, Ray continued his quest for knowledge. learning how to put these relics to good use, Ray opened portals to magical virtual realms for all to explore. One of these realms opened his eyes to the possibilities for further adventure upon the 5th Planet and so his adventure continues…

joesephB (3)

Joseph Burchettretrogamer4ever Assassin

Growing up on the Nintendo Joe then graduated to the Super Nintendo (best console ever made), the N64, Playstation, etc… As a kid he would always go on crazy adventures out in the wilderness with his friends, all of them dreaming to one day make their own games. Wanting to be the first he began to use RPG Maker 2000. After getting a taste of game
development he then moved on to Flash where he got his first true taste of power! Realizing that by jotting down a few random letters, numbers and symbols he could make anything happen. Becoming consumed with these god like powers for many moons he trained alone in the darkness till finally rising out of his cave to bless the world with his mighty ninja like skills. With these powers he has worked on many games and enterpise apps… The rest is now history.

MilesD (4)

Miles DepontyTails Veteran of a Myriad Massacres

Having grown up with a controller in hand, Tails followed his passion for games, creating, helping, and bringing joy to others. After a few years stay at an Art Institute he was finally accepted as a trained scholar. There were plenty of orcs and goblins slayed in the process and using his knowledge and +15 charisma, he was able to persuade Felendis to let him join the 5PG ranks.


Taylor BalbiBalbi Dangerous

Hailing from the bowels of an evil empire, Balbi brings almost a decade of experience in the art of Community-Fu. History says his power derrives from his tri-colored beard and commanding mustache, but no one has dared to steal a sample for testing. He is easily suaded with sushi, bourbon or scotch, but any liquid offerings younger than 10 years will be seen as a declaration of war! With an army of Community Masters behind him, he sets out to conquer and prosper in the name of gamers everywhere.

PeterH (3)

Peter HansellPeteloaf Dangerous

After breaking the Elf threat the Orc King has moved on to greener pastures to defile and destroy leaving a trail of tiny tears in his wake. The stink lets you know he is coming and the broken china lets you know he has arrived. Tact and poise are not his forte but if you need crushing just sound the mighty orc horn and destruction will soon follow.

r_carroll (3)

Rob CarrollLeviathan

Rob is battle tested gaming veteran, having traveled through the gaming universe for a number of years. In those years he’s been part of a number of Wars from Orc to Star to Mafia to Dragon. It seems where he goes, war and conflict soon follows. Most recently these conflicts have been miniaturized and moved to the palm of your hand, that’s where the new battles begins!

Rob joins 5th Planet to help bring their incredible social games to the iPhone and Android.

james (3)

James MillerStranger Veteran of a Myriad Massacres

The Stranger tumbled from a fissure crowded with stars, falling out of a starlit someplace and into this world. He is a traveler; his footprints have traced the endless fractal elsewhere and crossed the void beyond, where worlds have birthed or burned at the tip of his pen. He may well have wandered on to planes unknown, but when 5th Planet Games offered him a purpose he gladly closed his 11-dimensional Book of All Places and settled in to stalk their halls instead.

j_g_miller (3)

Jefferson MillerRebot Dangerous

It came from a fissure in the sea. A relic of some other place, constructed for an unknown purpose. A robotic shell, with five roman letters inexplicably embossed into its spine: R E B O T.
Humanoid in form, constructed of alien alloys and complex gears, the shell was clearly meant to contain a human body. But why? As a pilot? Or for fuel? No one could say; the device was inscrutiable. So, they asked for volunteers.
They selected a young man, an artist. Someone who could imagine impossible things, who could communicate with images alien thoughts that language was not created to describe.
Attended by great ceremony, the young man climbed inside the construct. The shell closed around him, and with an unearthly hum the REBOT came to life.


Craig CookSilj Ripper

Spawned from the ancient primordial sweater beast, vestiges of the infinite hairy madness still linger on his hide. He then became detached from the yarny mass and began to form thoughts, grow limbs, and desire shrimp. Then for an eon he slept, feeding on nothing until called from the abyss by the need of puppies, wives, and programming. Today the being lives a normal life, calling itself Craig, strives like all artificial creatures to create games – and one day…become truly “human”.

g_roth (3)

Gabriel Roth

Gabriel spent the better part of a decade searching for his calling, when he quite by accident, rather stumbled into it. Several years, many companies, and an extended stint in university later, he began his quest to fix all the broken things. Having plied his skills from one end of the earth to the other Gabriel has found a home where the dragons roam free.


Alex PflugerAmp Intergalactic Assassin

As an adventurer of the outdoor and underwater worlds, Alex realized there was one region he had yet to explore – the sky and beyond. So, he went to Virginia Tech, where he slaved over math problems that spanned the entire length of walls and studied books into the early hours of each morning, all to master the art of flight. Now, as his plans for traveling into the above world draw nearer, he has sought out 5th Planet Games to fund his endeavor.

He also does not drink coffee (gasp!), tries speaking in Spanish, and is an aspiring champion at shooting fish in a barrel.


Alecia ThompsonAlyss Intergalactic Assassin

Armed with a deck of cards and a tea cup, Alyss wandered about studying the strange rules and regulations of the land, eventually she was bestowed the title of “Professional in Human Resources”. One day she leapt into a rabbit hole and found 5th Planet Games, where she learned that sometimes its ok to do what your food tells you to do.

d_inglish (3)

David InglishVeritas Deadshot

The Day Walker travels the back roads of 5th Planet by way of Southern California’s boondocks. His half-underworld/half-mortal heritage lets him walk in both worlds, protecting humanity from the monsters who would prey on it. The final final sound his prey hears is his harsh whisper: “In nomine Patris. Et Filii. Et Spiritus Sancti.”


David LeeLifeblood Assassin

After the incident where he “accidentally” shot someone with his modified nerf gun for not trading ore for wheat David was no longer able to find suitable players at the Mos Eisley Cantina. He realized that he could not smuggle in this part of the galaxy and went off in search of new territory where people would trade wheat for ore.


Brandon BarkerObscuro Oni Intergalactic Assassin

Born from the combined thoughts of the most powerful dieties to exist, Brandon materialized into the multiverse. He was incarnated into the body of a human/demon hybrid that was hidden within the Earth realm. As he matured he discoved that he had powers of graphic/design manipulation, technopathy and reality warping that were gained through his demonic heritage. While honing his graphic/design manipulation powers one day he was spotted by a deity of the 5th Planet realm. This deity reached out to Brandon with talk of experiences to increase his powers tenfold. With this, Brandon was immediately interested and trekked to the realm to achieve this feat. He is now on a quests to unlock the potential of his powers and eventually surpass those from which he was born.

t_howard (3)

Tyler HowardDoman Scrapper

Having been described as a “verbal sniper,” Tyler chooses his words carefully. Utterly unflappable, a tranquil spirit in a tempest, he keeps a cool head no matter what sort of crisis arises. He plays the long term, looks ahead, and has an eerie tendency to successfully make the weirdest called shots – most likely due to a keen understanding of architecture and foundation, software or otherwise.

c_fowler (3)

Cody Fowler

For years Cody studied the way of computers and through his sorcery learned how to force them to do his evil
bidding. Shortly after reaching adulthood, he lost his scholarly passion for the devices and struggled with how to
best use his powers. He decided to go on a life journey to find himself, and upon returning he was a new man; not
just a man, but now a wizard of immense knowledge. With this new found knowledge in hand, he decided to use it for
good and turned to the higher powers at 5th Planet Games where they welcomed him into their team. Working on a team
is something he has struggled with in his younger years, but he is adapting well to his new environment and will
prove to be a great asset.

5th Planet Employee

Matt RoperKalleya Assassin

A noble Samurai that believes the pen is mightier than the sword. Known to some as the ‘Roper” he takes arms among like minded warriors of the arts. After many battles he realizes the sword is a necessary tool as much as any other but prefers to avoid battles with communication and intellect. The way of the sword parallels the art of pen and ink. Brush strokes or sword strikes he persists in battle towards a just cause – meditating on a constant ideal of finding peace in a war-torn world.


Eve MilanPunch Dangerous

Behold mortal: Eve. Mother (and destroyer) of worlds. Mistress of time (and death). Slayer of demons (and gods). Beautiful and terrifying, she walks among us. Some day soon, the quiet of normality will fade and she will again find herself striding the battlefield, dispatching our enemies with crushing blows from each of her ten arms

5th Planet Employee

Joseph HatcherXhadoe Intergalactic Assassin

Once rumored to have been spawned in the Sol sector of the Milky Way, this mostly cybernetic panda has phase shifted across lifetimes, knowledge bases, duties, and play styles.

He has spent his time studying in the dark Electronic Arts and earned a Free to Play degree at the Cryptic Studios station in orbit around Perfect World while learning, supporting, and adapting to the new tech at his paw tips. Hatcher eventually decided to take off for an unexplored galaxy to the 5th Planet of the Games System where the assassin gigs are more easily accessible, and the people are full of awesome.

It is here where he will expand his knowledge, culture his creativity, and apply all that he has learned in tech, QA, support, game development, and gaming, to make 5PG his new base of operations. Hatcher has been known to short circuit if presented with natural pumpkin pie or vanilla bean ice cream.

5th Planet Employee

Brian LovelaceLovelace Dead Shot

Lovelace isn’t what you’d call “the good guy.” At the helm of the Voidtrawler, captain to a rotating crew of the dispossessed and the long forgotten, he has spent his life in the dark between the stars. Somewhere out there he found the relic that changed him, made him something less than a man and more than a machine.
Scavenger, gun for hire, smuggler and all around shady individual, Lovelace has the very peculiar ability to spot things others can’t. Flaws in the surface of the world. A certain knack, earned at the cost of his humanity.
It’s an indispensable skill to have at your disposal, if you can buy his time.
It won’t be cheap.

5th Planet Employee

Tony BelferAvigdor Master Blaster

*KrakaKOOM!* Avigdor enters with a crash of lightning and an amused smile. A jack of many trades and well-versed in the ways of multiple planes, he endeavors to reach out to everyone he meets, finding common ground and reveling in the experiences of each new contact. Frequently found with a cup of coffee in hand, he continues his travels, bolstering those in need, and expanding his understanding of those around him.


Marian Mangold

The Mistress of Shadows. The Lady of Unknown Nightmares. The Undead Courtesan. She is known by these names and more, many having been lost among the forgotten histories. Empires rise and fall, but Marian always remains. And she is always watching. Pray she does not watch you.